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You will walk the entire length of the island from the northern capital Lefkas Town to the most southern point Cape Doukato. Following monopáti (greek paths) and unsurfaced tracks the trail traverses the island spine going over numerous mountain peaks the highest being Mount Stavrotas at 1,182m and passing majestic viewpoints with far reaching ocean views out to the many islands.


The full 80km trail is split into six day-stages with breaks in pretty Lefkada mountain villages. The walk is simply breath taking, each day being very different to each other.


Day 1- 14km - 480m ascent

Lefkada Town to Nikiana

Our trek starts from  Lefkada Town . The trail ascends quickly high into the hills with coastal views out to the eastern side of the island. We walk along unsurfaced rural tracks for much of the route passing through the delightful mountain village of Katouna, meadows and olive groves before descending down into the pretty small harbour village of Nikiana finishing our walk along the beach.

Day 2 - 13km - 870m ascent 

Nikiana to Karya

We ascend gradually from sea level to the highest point at 870m. The views out across the turquoise ocean are phenomenal. Our trail follows ancient monopati and unsurfaced tracks .


Crossing the top of the mountain you enter the oak forests of Skaros before descending down along yet more magnificent old monopati’s before reaching the village of Kolivata .


This varied trails finishes across the Livadi plain with its vineyards before ascending one last time up to the mountain village of Karya for a well deserved drink in one of the many taverna’s.


Day 3 - 13km - 560m

Karya to Eglouvi 

We ascend steeply up glorious old monopati paths passing through Rekatsinata a deserted village that now lays in ruins. Maintaining a steep climb up the mountain we look down upon a natural amphitheatre full of olive trees with stunning views out to and across the ocean with its many islands on the east coast.


Our final climb arrives at the Prophitis Ilias monastery with far reaching phenomenal views in all directions. Our journey down to Eglouvi is via and old quarry and gorge following a dry stream bed which will take you towards town where you can enjoy a cool drink in one of the welcoming tavernas.

Day 4 - 15.5km - 930m ascent

Eglouvi to Ag. Ilias

We ascend very quickly but we’re instantly rewarded with magnificent views. Our climb takes us up and over Mount Elati where we visit the high peak of Katharia Rachi and the highest point of the island the summit of Stavrotas mountain, which stands at a height of 1,182 metres. The 360 degree views from the top are phenomenal. Looking north you can see Preveza to Paxos and Corfu, south to Ithaca and Kefalonia, east to the Gulf of Corinth and west out over the Ionian Sea.


Our return crosses from the north to the south of the island descending along centuries old monopati and unsurfaced tracks before joining a quiet mountain road into Ag.Ilias.


Day 5 - 10.5km - 525m ascent

Ag. Ilias to Ag. Petros

The walk across the mountains today affords a more moderate trek.The trail runs between the mountain villages of Ag Ilias and Ag Petros. It follows a high mountain track running around Stavrotas mountain before crossing the pretty Vasaliki valley.


Along the way we traverse through olive groves and pine woodland and we are rewarded with stunning ocean views to the east and west coast as well as the impressive mount Stavrotas. We finish of our day in the mountain village of Ag. Petros, which is at the top of the tail of Lefkada that runs down to the cape of Doukato.

Day 6 - 20km - 570m 

Ag. Petros to Cape Doukato 

The big one our last day. We set of on unsurfaced tracks running through the pine forest’s on the long tail of the island. We have beautiful views out to Vasiliki bay and along the west coast taking in the magnificent Porto Kasiki, Egremni and Gialos beaches silhouetted by the gorgeous turquoise ocean.


We walk mostly on monapati and unsurfaced tracks before finishing our walk down to the lighthouse at the cape on roads with gorgeous views out towards Ithaca and Kefalonia Ionian islands.


Congratulations you are among the elite few to have conquered this challenge.

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